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What We All Want = MORE! (Mint+)

What We All Want = MORE! (Mint+)

What We All Want T-shirt - MORE!
Deluxo & The Age of Abundance

This Tee indulges in our love of typography and graphic design. The elongated letterforms are almost meant to be illegible on 1st and 2nd glance. Until the person gazing at your shirt stops squinting and asks "Eh, what does that say?". Definitely an opportunity to spark conversation … MORE!!!

For better or worse (though We prefer exploring the former) we all want More of something. Whether we cherish richness in relationships; wealth; exciting nights; or creative inspiration. The Deluxo vision is about acknowledging the abundant life we lead. And we celebrate having MORE of whatever it is that satisfies the soul.

Interestingly enough while designing this Tee, We realized that the letter forms could also be read as "Mone!" (Money). We figured we'd let both interpretations live. 
'Cause let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy the Abundance of having More Moneee. 

White Print on Grey Tee 
100% Cotton T-shirt (Soft cotton fit)

Deluxo:: & The Age of Abundance 
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