Black Future Month

Black Future Hoodie - Chroma (DLX1.0)

Black Future Hoodie - Chroma (DLX1.0)

Black Future Month Hoodie - Chroma (DLX1.0)

#BFM3016 to 3017 'til Infinity.
In honour of our city we've chosen these colours as a salute to the classic Toronto Streetcar we grew up with. Plus these joints are sure to compliment your kicks. 

*Chroma = Colour


Black Future Month is an Annual Art Exhibition that revolves around Afrofuturism, Black-Sci, and Speculative Futuristic Art. The BFM exhibition, (which was initially a response to Black History Month) looks 1000 years into the future to explore the infinite possibilities of Black people in the years ahead. 

BFM celebrated its 4th annual exhibition in Toronto this year titled "Black Future Month 3016". 

Black Future Month x Deluxo
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