About us


Deluxo is an art/ design company, and the brainchild of Danilo McCallum. 
Deluxo:: & The Age of Abundance is our brand. Our primary products are Graphic T-shirts. At DELUXOSHOP - We chop tees.  

We've had a long standing love affair with graphic tees. Whether its a strong message; a cool creative image or a striking design; its a simple way, to represent the state of mind you're in on any particular day. 


Hailing from the mighty creative grounds of Toronto, we're constantly embracing this city. A metropolis rich with multi-cultural communities and an abundance of inspirational sources. Its from these head quarters that we branch out to connect with likeminded people at home and internationally.

We've just opened shop!! (in terms of offering these products online)!! However the team at Deluxo and moreover it's ringleader Danilo McCallum has been involved with many arts movements across the city for over a decade.


Through the high and lows, there's creativity, passion and adventures to be found. Here at Deluxo we embrace it all as the Richness that comes with the roller-coaster of life. Friends, Fam, Food, Passion and Prosperity. We celebrate this outlook and approach to living  - and we refer to the attitude as "The Age of Abundance".


For any product inquiries or collaborative interests, we can be contacted at: 

Note: For inquiries around purchases please enter "DeluxoShop - Product" as the subject heading. For all other inquiries enter "DeluxoShop - Info" as the subject heading. 
For more info on creative projects we've contributed to please visit:  www.deluxo.ca

We appreciate your support, business and that you've joined us aboard this flight.
Danilo Deluxo